About Art Angler Gallery

Art Angler, a private gallery located in Manhattan's East Village was founded in 2010 as an innovative showcase for the ongoing presentation and promotion of strong, and visionary art in Spain. The gallery is dedicated to exhibiting the work of ambitious contemporary artists at all levels of their careers and development. The gallery currently focuses on artists representing both the best of Spanish abstract expressionism including "El Grupo el Paso" and currently emerging artists.

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Art Angler is proudly affiliated with ArtePaso / Lucía Mendoza Gallery in Madrid, Spain.

About Spanish Abstract Expressionism

Picasso, Miro, Dalí, and then…

Spain has always been a land of artists, from the prehistoric painters of the Altamira caves to Picasso, with Velázquez, El Greco, and Goya in between, Spanish painters are without a doubt world renowned.

In the beginning of the 20th century there were of course many great painters in Spain, however the three artists that really stand out are Picasso, Miro and Dalí as the most internationally recognized.

And then…Spanish history became very complicated. The country suffered a tragic civil war followed by a long dictatorship with limited freedom of expression and a period of cultural and economic isolation.

In this clouded environment the majority of Spanish painters fell into a conformity of figurative painting which was of little interest. However a small group of artists in spite of the situation searched for new forms of expression. The result was an abstraction that in the early 50’s broke with the past and spawned the path of Spanish abstract expressionism.

In 1957 a group of artists challenged the rules and published a manifesto forming what would eventually be called the Grupo “El Paso” which was one of the first avant-garde movements in Spain under General Franco. The group promoted informalism, the importance of the gesture rather than geometry and the pre-eminence of the plasticity of raw materials rather than concept. The dynamism of this young group introduced abstraction to Spain, and had a profound impact on European art that is still felt today. The founding artists were Rafael CanogarLuis Feito, Juana Frances, Manuel Millares, Manuel Rivera, Antonio Saura, Antonio Suarez, Manuel Viola and sculptors Martin Chirino and Pablo Serrano. 

This new abstract movement was immediately embraced by many other Spanish painters and sculptors including Tapies, Chillida, FarrerasClave, Mompo, Guerrero, Muñoz, etc…A few of these artists quickly received international recognition and their works were acquired by some of the most important international museums. Gallerists around the world including Pierre Matisse in New York, represented and exhibited their work.

A number of these artists have already become a formal part of Art History and in the future they will be considered the Picasso’s, Miro’s and Dali’s of the late twentieth century.

Art Angler is proud to present these acclaimed artists that represent the best of Spanish abstract expressionism. 

We would be delighted to share more with you and invite any questions or curiosities you may have, so please feel free to contact us.

The Grupo El Paso, 1958. From left: Manolo Millares, Manolo Conde, Rafael Canogar, Antonio Saura, Manuel Rivera, Manuel Viola, Luis Feito and Martín Chirino.